I get asked for this style a lot. This is very much in an Aguero style, Number One on the sides with a razor parting and a bit of length on top to style, either to the side or brushed back.

Modern Style | Aldo's Barber Shop | Stockport

Modern style

Kids Cut £7 at Aldo's Barber Shop | Stockport
Blended Graduation Haircut | Aldo's Barber Shop | Stockport | Haircut
Neat Razor Parting | Aldo's Barber Shop | Haircut | Stockport

Safe kids cut

This is quite a common hairstyle popular with kids. It's a safe style to choose as it ensures they don't have to be put in exclusion! No shorter than a Number Two on the sides with a couple of inches on top to style up or to the side.

Blended graduation

Another style that is quite common. A smooth graduation from a Number One up to a Number Three. Short lenth on top which is ideal for spiking up or just left down with a bit of texture to it and edged up neatly.

Neat razor parting

Quite popular with most clients these days. A Razor Parting is a neat addition to the hair and gives a classic neat and tidy look.

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