Barbering is something I have always thought about.  I spent twelve years working in an office, there were so many days when I thought about doing something else until I lost my job, this was my chance to do something different and I took it!


I trained to be a Barber by doing a crash course in a Barbers Salon rather than going to college for a year which I didn’t have time for. I had heard lots of stories about apprentices coming out of College and not knowing how to cut hair and I was eager to just get started. After working in a few Barber Salons I realized the only true way to make a success of Barbering is to have your own salon.


To me Barbering is more than just cutting hair, its about the way you act and being a craftsman and my work speaks for itself. I would never do a haircut that’s not going to suit the client.


After months of planning and looking for a property in Stockport my vision is now reality. Finding the perfect Barber Shop has been a struggle but I think I have finally found it. The space was previously a warehouse that’s been converted to a retail unit. It is located in what used to be Shaw Heath Laundry in Stockport and has lots of history. If you like your history there is some great information about the history of Shaw Heath Laundry here. The building has an industrial feel and plenty of space for the business to grow. The shop features from a mix between nostalgic and modern. I wanted to take Barbering back to how it used to be as I feel this is something lost in most Barber Shops today.


Aldos Barber Shop is somewhere where men can get a stylish haircut without having to go to a women’s hairdressing salon and at an affordable price. I feel it’s important to remain true to the craft of Barbering by using various techniques, not just using clippers to get a client in and out as quick as possible. Your hair should never be compromised by the next customer!


Aldos Barber Shop Stockport is about personal relationships. It’s a place where everyone can feel they are the same. I don’t discriminate between boy, man, senior citizen or race. Aldos Barber Shop Stockport is about being somewhere where anyone can walk in and be treated the same. It’s a place to relax, talk or moan about whatever’s on your mind.


I constantly hear stories of Barber Shops not allowing children and Senior Citizens in when it’s busy, just because they charge less for those haircuts. This is poor customer service and is not something you will find at Aldos Barber Shop Shaw Heath Stockport!!


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Disabled Access

The shop has a wide door of 980cm, suitable for wheelchairs and scooters. There is a very small step of about 1 inch making it easy to access.


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Entrance to Aldos Barbershop | Shaw Heath | Stockport
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Barbers Chair | Aldos Barbershop | Shaw Heath | Stockport | Cheshire
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